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Home Exercise Equipment



Get fit at home with our home exercise equipment.

Improvements offers motorized and manual equipment that is perfect for any home gym. Try our total body cycle. With this cycle you will work out your legs, hips and glutes while pedaling with your feet. Need an upper body work out, just switch the pedals from the bottom to top and you can tone wrists, arms, chest and back. Best of all you can do all this with the total body cycle and just a chair. This cycle is portable enough that it can be moved around the house and is easy to store. Have you always wanted to try a yoga or fitness class, or if you are already enrolled, try our Fitness Wellness Mat. This yoga mat will provide extra comfort for your knees, back and feet. With its gradually beveled edges, it will reduce trip hazards and its non-slip construction will allow the mat to stay put no matter what you pose. Improvements has the solution for you when it comes to your health and wellness.

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