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Air Purifiers & Humidifiers

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Do you find that you experience a dry throat, or itchy skin or even excessive static in your home?

All of these symptoms can be a sign of insufficient humidity levels. Let Improvements solve this problem with our collection of humidifiers. We offer a mist humidifier that is designed for rooms up to 500 sq. ft. and can provide cool or warm mist. We also offer a green humidifier that works with no plug, no motor and makes no noise. You just add water! If you’re looking to travel or don’t have space for a traditional sized humidifier, try our personal humidifier. This personal sized humidifier works with a traditional sized water bottle which is enough to provide a cool mist for up to 12 hours for your room or office. Ever notice a room in your house that is always hot or cold? Try one of our register booster fans to give your air duct a little boost. The register booster fan is quick and easy to install. It will have your favorite room the perfect temperature in no time.

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