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Dog Ramps & Dog Stairs

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Make traveling with your dog easier by bringing along a portable dog ramp for your truck or car.

These folding, durable ramps for dogs are stored in the car and unfolded when you need them. No more lifting your dog or coaxing him to jump into the car! Portable dog ramps are especially useful for large dogs, muddy or wet dogs, or elderly dogs who have trouble jumping. Older dogs often have joint discomfort that makes getting onto beds or furniture difficult and painful. Dog steps make the trip much easier. And, most dog steps are portable, so if you take your pooch on vacation, you bring the dog steps along with you. When not in use, simply fold up the dog steps and store them out of the way. Improvements also carries a line of wooden dog steps that will blend in with your bedroom decor. Dog stairs are helpful for little dogs, too, as small breeds often have legs too short to make the leap up to a bed or chair! Find dog steps that are durable and sturdy so your pet has a firm grip, and choose a style that fits your overall decor.

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