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Dog Bowls, Dog Feeders, Pet Water Fountains

Dog Bowls - Dog Feeders - Improvements Catalog
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  • Regal Pet Feeders

    Regal Pet Feeders

  • Pet Food Storage...

    Pet Food Storage Tower

  • Breed Proof Pet...

    Breed Proof Pet Placemat

    Internet Only!
    9 breeds available
  • Dog Territory Pet...

    Dog Territory Pet Placemat

    Internet Only!
    13 breeds available
  • Personalized Wall...

    Personalized Wall-Mount Pet Feeder

    Internet Only!
  • Poodle Fashion Floor...

    Poodle Fashion Floor Mat-24" x 36"

    Internet Only!
    See it in Action!
  • Classic Dog Food...

    Classic Dog Food Storage Canister

    New! Internet Only!
  • Bon Chien Dog Food...

    Bon Chien Dog Food Canisters

  • Water Guard Paws &...

    Water Guard Paws & Bones Border Personalized Pet Placemat

    Internet Only!
  • Water Guard...

    Water Guard Personalized Pet Food Mat

  • Beagle Fashion Floor...

    Beagle Fashion Floor Mat-24" x 36"

    Internet Only!
    See it in Action!
  • Chihuahua Fashion...

    Chihuahua Fashion Floor Mat-24" x 36"

    Internet Only!
    See it in Action!


Make your dog's mealtime convenient and enjoyable with the best dog bowls (including elevated dog bowls), dog feeders, and pet water fountains.

Older dogs or tall dogs can benefit from elevated dog bowls. Raised dog food bowls allow the dog to stand straighter while eating, which can relieve neck pain, alleviate pressure on joints, and support healthy digestion. Personalize a dog bowl with your dog's breed and name. Fun colors and cheerful designs make the whole dog-food area brighter. At Improvements, we have an assortment of dog treat jars, some to match the personalized dog bowls, to organize your dog's treats and keep them fresher longer. And keep your pet's water fresh, too, with a dog water fountain or pet water reservoir. These fresh-water systems for dogs make sure the bowl stays full, making them the perfect option for pet owners who are away from the house all day. Put all these accessories on a dog food mat. A dog place mat protects the floor and keeps everything in one area. Find your dog's breed or add his name with a personalized dog floor mat, or choose a water guard option to soak up spills. Bone appetite!

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