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  • Litter Box Cover End...

    Litter Box Cover End Table

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  • Heated Indoor Cat...

    Heated Indoor Cat Bed

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  • CleanFlow Bowl and...

    CleanFlow Bowl and Reservoir for Cats

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  • Cat in the Mat Pet...

    Cat in the Mat Pet Placemat-24" x 36"

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  • Steep Sweep...

    Steep Sweep Interactive Cat Toy

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  • Neater Feeder Deluxe...

    Neater Feeder Deluxe Pet Feeding System

  • Cat Litter Mat-20" x...

    Cat Litter Mat-20" x 28"

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  • The Shmitt Pet...

    The Shmitt Pet Cleanup Glove-135 Count

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  • Door Shield - Pet...

    Door Shield - Pet Scratch Protector

  • Cat Litter Trapping...

    Cat Litter Trapping Mats

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  • Purr Pad Pet Bed-Set...

    Purr Pad Pet Bed-Set of 2

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  • Neater Scooper Cat...

    Neater Scooper Cat Litter Waste Bin

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Cats think they are totally self-sufficient, but at Improvements we know that good cat accessories make a cat's life even more comfortable and convenient!

Machine-washable cat beds are ideal for cats who like to have their very own spot, and since they're washable, you can keep the cat hair to a minimum. Find a cat litter box that works well with your decor and fits into the location your cat uses. Self-cleaning covered litter boxes can reduce unpleasant odor. Cats love to sleep, but they also love to play, and Improvements has a fun assortment of cat toys, including cat lures, and cat toy buckets to keep things in. Our cat scratching posts range from small, for small living areas, to tall scratching posts that are ideal for larger spaces and multiple cats. When it's time to eat, feeding picky cats is easier with a heated cat bowl, or choose a cheerful personalized cat food dish. Place a pet mat below the dishes, and add a cat water fountain to give kitty a supply of fresh water all day long. And don't forget a cat carrier!

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