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Accessories, Dryer Vents & Storage

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Accessories, Dryer Vents & Storage

Laundry Room - Accessories, Dryer Vents & Storage | Improvements Catalog
  • Laundry & Storage...

    Laundry & Storage Station

  • Deluxe Chrome...

    Deluxe Chrome Laundry Center

  • Hampshire Tall...

    Hampshire Tall Pantry Cabinet

  • Chrome Triple...

    Chrome Triple Laundry Sorter Hanger

  • Chrome Triple...

    Chrome Triple Laundry Sorter

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  • Over the Washer...

    Over the Washer Shelf

  • Adjustable Roller...

    Adjustable Roller for Washing Machines

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  • Rolling Laundry...

    Rolling Laundry Carts

  • Dryer Vent Seal

    Dryer Vent Seal

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  • Indoor/Outdoor Wall...

    Indoor/Outdoor Wall Mounted Drying Rack

  • Dryer Periscope Vent

    Dryer Periscope Vent

Accessories, Dryer Vents & Storage

Find everything you need to make doing laundry less of a chore. Choose from a large assortment of laundry room accessories to help you efficiently and effectively wash your clothes and get years of wear out of them. Laundry sorters let you organize your clothes according to wash cycles. Maybe you separate whites and darks, or possibly you even create separate piles for stained clothing, denim, and delicates. Either way, a laundry sorter makes the organization process more seamless (no pun intended).
If you're short on laundry room storage, a rolling laundry cart that sits just between your washer or dryer, or in that open space against the wall, is very useful. Store your laundry detergent and other supplies here without sacrificing space. Pull it out when you need to retrieve something, and just push it back when you're done.
And if your washer and dryer are in the closet or you want to save some more space, use a dryer vent. Multiple sizes accommodate your unique space so you can get your dryer as close to the wall as possible…every inch of space is precious, after all. We even offer a dryer vent seal to keep out wind, birds, bugs, and rodents. A seal can even keep your heating and cooling bills down by preventing outside air from entering your home through the exposed vent. Talk about two very useful functions!
Whatever laundry room accessories you need; odds are Improvements has what you are looking for…at an affordable price.

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