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Trash Cans

Kitchen - Trash Cans | Improvements Catalog
  • Mobile Trash...

    Mobile Trash Hideaway Cabinet

    New! Exclusive!
  • Over The Cabinet...

    Over The Cabinet Wastebasket

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  • Butterfly Open Auto...

    Butterfly Open Auto Trash Can

    Internet Only!
  • Slim Dual Sensor...

    Slim Dual Sensor Trash Can

    Internet Only!
  • Stackable Recycling...

    Stackable Recycling Bins-Set of 3

  • Over The Cabinet Bag...

    Over The Cabinet Bag Holder

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  • Over-the-Cabinet...

    Over-the-Cabinet Door Garbage Bag Holder

    Internet Only!
  • Sliding In-Cabinet...

    Sliding In-Cabinet Waste Cans

  • Fresh Air Composter

    Fresh Air Composter

    Internet Only!
  • Hands Free Round...

    Hands Free Round Trash Can

    Internet Only!
  • Stay Open Oval Trash...

    Stay Open Oval Trash Can

    Internet Only!
  • Large Capacity Trash...

    Large Capacity Trash Can with Deodorizing Compartment

    Internet Only!
  • Flush/Flat Back...

    Flush/Flat Back Trash Can

    Internet Only!
  • Auto Close Step...

    Auto Close Step Trash Can

    Internet Only!
  • Space Saving Square...

    Space Saving Square Trash Can

    Internet Only!
  • Complete Totem Waste...

    Complete Totem Waste/Recycle System

    Internet Only!
  • Stainless Steel Step...

    Stainless Steel Step Can with Trash Compactor Lid

  • Mobile Trash Hide-a...

    Mobile Trash Hide-a-Way Cabinet


Trash Cans

Trash cans have a place in every kitchen...even if that place is under the sink or hidden away in a closet. Shop our wide variety of kitchen garbage cans, recycling bins, and trash accessories to help keep your kitchen neat and tidy at all times…well, at most times. Stainless steel garbage cans have a sleek look, match most kitchen decor, and can be left out when placed against a kitchen island or cabinet. A mobile cabinet with pull-out trash container can go just about anywhere and is meant to blend in with your existing cabinets…perfect for those who don't like the look of an exposed trash container. And do your part to protect the environment with a composter or a trash can with compactor lid that easily makes room for more waste. You'll go through less trash bags and save money! If you're going for the whole nine yards, the Complete Totem Waste/Recycle Center does it all. It lets you sort your waste and recycling and even has an odor filter to mask unpleasant smells. Its unique compact design is perfect for smaller kitchens.

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