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Sink Accessories

Kitchen - Sink Accessories | Improvements Catalog
  • Over-the-Sink Roll...

    Over-the-Sink Roll Up Drying Rack

  • Garbage Disposal...

    Garbage Disposal Brush

  • Collapsible Dish...

    Collapsible Dish Racks

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  • Swivel Spout...

    Swivel Spout Collapsible Dish Drainer

    New! Internet Only!
  • Bamboo Over The Sink...

    Bamboo Over The Sink Shelf

  • Thinstore...

    Thinstore Collapsible Over Sink Colander

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  • Roll Up Sink...

    Roll Up Sink Protector

  • Adjustable Over-the...

    Adjustable Over-the-Sink Dish Drainer

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  • Silicone Strips...

    Silicone Strips Stove Counter Gap Covers - Set of 2

  • Wash & Drain...

    Wash & Drain Dishwashing Bowl with Drain Plug

  • Wine Glass Drying...

    Wine Glass Drying Rack

  • Over-Sink Shelf

    Over-Sink Shelf

  • Tidy Sink Caddy

    Tidy Sink Caddy

  • Collapsible Dish...

    Collapsible Dish Rack with Drain Plug

  • Over The Cabinet...

    Over The Cabinet Storage Basket

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  • Lineo Silicone...

    Lineo Silicone Drying Mat

    Internet Only!
  • Sink Saver...

    Sink Saver Adjustable Sink Protector

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  • Clarity Sink...

    Clarity Sink Accessories

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  • Sink Safety Buoy

    Sink Safety Buoy

    Internet Only!
  • In-Sink Dish Drainer

    In-Sink Dish Drainer

    New! Internet Only!

Sink Accessories

The sink is where we clean up the mess we have created in the kitchen, so often times, it can start to look a little out of sorts. Luckily, kitchen sink accessories will help you keep the mess to a minimum. Here you'll find unique solutions for washing dishes, drying dishes, and even washing fruit and veggies.

If you don’t want to regularly dedicate counter space to you dish drying rack, a roll-up drying rack lets you dry right over the sink and easily stores in a cabinet or drawer when you are done. A collapsible dish rack sits beside your sink, but also easily stores when not in use. Both of these sink accessories are perfect for smaller kitchens where counter space is at a premium.

Looking for a small container to hold your dish cleaning supplies so you'll always have them close at hand? A sink caddy holds your dish wands, hand soaps, sponges, and other cleaning tools that you use on a regular basis and makes for a tidy sink area. And be sure to keep your drain clean, as well. A durable garbage disposal brush thoroughly cleans and disinfects your disposal to reduce odor and build up. We also offer sink accessories to help protect you and your sink. A sink safety bouy lets the other members of your family know when sharp objects are soaking below the bubbles, and a sink protector mat prevents scratches caused by pots, pans, and the like.

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