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  • Over-the-Sink Roll...

    Over-the-Sink Roll Up Drying Rack

  • Roll Up Sink...

    Roll Up Sink Protector

  • Stainless Steel...

    Stainless Steel Butter Mill Dispenser

  • Simple Release...

    Simple Release Garlic Press

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  • M-Cuisine Microwave...

    M-Cuisine Microwave Pasta Cooker

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  • Push Action Salad...

    Push Action Salad Spinner

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  • Corn Kernel Shucker

    Corn Kernel Shucker

  • Hand Held Food...

    Hand Held Food Slicer

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  • 2-Way Vegetable and...

    2-Way Vegetable and Cheese Grater with Measurer

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  • Splatter Shield

    Splatter Shield

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  • 6-in-1 Multi Opener

    6-in-1 Multi Opener

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  • Kitchen Mandolin...

    Kitchen Mandolin Food Slicer

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  • Complete Totem Waste...

    Complete Totem Waste/Recycle System

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  • Non-Stick Oven Liner

    Non-Stick Oven Liner

  • Fresh Herb Keeper

    Fresh Herb Keeper

  • Kitchen Scale-White

    Kitchen Scale-White

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  • Terra Cotta Brown...

    Terra Cotta Brown Sugar Disks (3)

  • Kitchen Scale-Chrome

    Kitchen Scale-Chrome

    Internet Only!
  • Strainer Cleaning...

    Strainer Cleaning Brush

    Internet Only!
  • Dressing and...

    Dressing and Marinade Kit

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  • Pit & Pop Peach...

    Pit & Pop Peach Pitter

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  • Oven Rack Brush

    Oven Rack Brush

    Internet Only!
  • Comfort Angle Juicer

    Comfort Angle Juicer

    Internet Only!
  • Clip N Date Bag...

    Clip N Date Bag Clips

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  • 2-Pc. Kitchen Peeler...

    2-Pc. Kitchen Peeler Set

    Internet Only!
  • Fruit Infusion Ice...

    Fruit Infusion Ice Molds-Set of 2

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  • 3-Piece Canning Set

    3-Piece Canning Set

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  • M-Cuisine Microwave...

    M-Cuisine Microwave 4-Piece Stackable Cook Set

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Kitchen Gadgets

Kitchen gadgets aren't kitchen accessories that you necessarily need to have around, but they definitely make your life easier. And once you use a jar opener or a corn shucker, you will wonder how you ever lived without kitchen gadgets! The best kitchen gadgets help you complete tasks that you often perform in the kitchen. If you frequently slice potatoes and other veggies, a food slicer is definitely a good investment; and if you are someone who loves fresh cheese on just about everything, a cheese grater should be at the top of your must-have list.

For those who enjoy fresh fruit, but not the messy chopping, try a peach slicer that removes the pit, a cherry pitter, or a strawberry slicer the next time you make fruit salad. Veggies can also be a chore to prepare, but not when you have a manual veggie chopper or tomato slicer. Try your hand at the popular method of pickling with our canning supplies. We also have traditional kitchen gadgets like a jar opener, a potato peeler, and kitchen scales that provide precise measurement for cooking and baking and help with portion control.

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