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Animal & Rodent Repellents

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Animal & Rodent Repellents

  • Garden & Pond Covers

    Garden & Pond Covers

  • Solar Mole Repeller

    Solar Mole Repeller

  • Pest Guard™...

    Pest Guard™ Animal Pest Control Cover

  • Rodent Sheriff Mint...

    Rodent Sheriff Mint Pest Repellent

    Internet Only!
  • Pop-Up Bird Net with...

    Pop-Up Bird Net with Door

  • Solar Animal...

    Solar Animal Repeller with Strobe Light

  • Coyote Urine...

    Coyote Urine Territorial Repellent

    Internet Only!
  • Bird Chaser...

    Bird Chaser Electronic Bird Repellent

    Internet Only!
  • Pockets Fence...

    Pockets Fence Instant Fence Enclosure

  • All Season Deer...

    All Season Deer Repellent - Set of 6

  • Gopher and Mole...

    Gopher and Mole Repellent-Set of 12

  • Bobbing-Head Owl...

    Bobbing-Head Owl Decoy

  • Peregrine Falcon...

    Peregrine Falcon Decoy Bird Repellent

    New! Internet Only!
  • Havahart Spray Away...

    Havahart Spray Away Sprinkler Animal Repellent

    Internet Only!
  • Red Fox Urine Animal...

    Red Fox Urine Animal Repellent

    Internet Only!
  • Garlic Sentry Animal...

    Garlic Sentry Animal & Insect Repellent Sprayer

    Internet Only!
  • Super Garlic Organic...

    Super Garlic Organic Mosquito & Pest Repellent

    Internet Only!
  • Solar Bird Chaser

    Solar Bird Chaser

    Internet Only!
  • Yard Gard Deer &...

    Yard Gard Deer & Animal Repellent

    Internet Only!
  • Solar Yard Gard...

    Solar Yard Gard Animal Repellent

    Internet Only!
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