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Dog Strollers & Dog Bike Baskets


Dog Strollers & Dog Bike Baskets

Dog Strollers - Dog Bike Baskets - Improvements Catalog
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    Promenade Pet Stroller

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    G7 Jogger Pet Stroller

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  • Monaco Dog Stroller

    Monaco Dog Stroller

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  • Regal Pet Stroller

    Regal Pet Stroller

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  • Cruiser Pet Stroller

    Cruiser Pet Stroller

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If you've ever wondered how to take your dog with you on walks or bike rides, take a look at our dog strollers and dog bike baskets.

For dogs who are unable (or, let's face it, unwilling!) to walk long distances, a dog stroller is a good solution. The best dog strollers are usually lightweight and easy to collapse, so you can bring them along with you no matter where you want to walk. Dog strollers are specially made to allow dogs to sit up and watch the world go by. There's even an interior leash to keep her from hopping out. Jogging strollers for dogs are the best way to run with a dog who isn't able to run herself. So if you and your dog have run many miles together, you can continue even after your pal can no longer run on her own. For cyclists, a dog bike basket is ideal to bring your pal along with you on a ride. Sporty dog baskets include handy pouches for your dog stuff, including dog food and water. A traditional wicker pet basket makes a cute addition to your bike and has a removable sunshade. Most models of the dog bike baskets feature removable, washable liners and an interior safety leash. At Improvements, our dog strollers and dog bike baskets come in a variety of styles and colors so choose the one you like and get out on that trail!

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