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Dog Car Seats

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Dog Car Seats

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  • Carry-Me™ Pet...

    Carry-Me™ Pet Carrier

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  • Deluxe Dog Car Seat

    Deluxe Dog Car Seat

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  • On-Seat Dog Car Seat

    On-Seat Dog Car Seat

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Traveling with a dog is much more enjoyable with a properly installed dog car seat.

The purpose of a car seat for dogs is to keep them snugly in one place and elevate them so they can see out the window. A dog who is able to see without jumping will tend to sit still, instead of repeatedly bouncing up to get a better look at the world whizzing by. That added calm makes driving safer because it reduces distractions. Just attach the dog booster seat to the seat and headrest with the included, size-adjusting straps. Many dog booster seats have a removable, washable liner for cleanliness, as well as an internal safety leash so you need not worry about your dog jumping out when you open the door. It's like a dog seat belt--a cozy and secure answer to the question of how to travel safely with a dog. Improvements also offers dog car harnesses and safety tethers, which are especially useful if your dog is nervous or prone to jumping around en route. Find dog car seats for small dogs, medium dogs, and large dogs at Improvements, and make your car rides more fun for everyone.

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