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  • Dusk to Dawn Rugs

    Dusk to Dawn Rugs

    Internet Only!
  • Myanmar Area Rugs

    Myanmar Area Rugs

    Internet Only!
  • Amalfi Squares Rugs

    Amalfi Squares Rugs

    Internet Only!
  • Imperial Wool Area...

    Imperial Wool Area Rugs

  • Arizona Oriental...

    Arizona Oriental Rugs

    Internet Only!
  • 4-Pc. Area Rug Set

    4-Pc. Area Rug Set

    Available in Ivory and Red
  • Silver Sand Area...

    Silver Sand Area Rugs

    Internet Only!
  • Bridgeport Area Rugs

    Bridgeport Area Rugs

    Internet Only!
  • Zargos Area Rugs

    Zargos Area Rugs

    Internet Only!
  • Yacht Stripe 2 Piece...

    Yacht Stripe 2 Piece Kitchen Mat Set

  • Arizona Bloom Rugs

    Arizona Bloom Rugs

    Internet Only!
  • Prudence Floral Rug

    Prudence Floral Rug

  • Spa Kitchen and Bath...

    Spa Kitchen and Bath Bamboo Mats

    Internet Only!
  • Sunset Stripe Area...

    Sunset Stripe Area Rugs

    New! Internet Only!
  • Briarcliff Area Rug

    Briarcliff Area Rug

  • Ports Jute...

    Ports Jute Herringbone Rugs

    Internet Only!
  • Tigress Area Rugs

    Tigress Area Rugs

    Internet Only!
  • Hand-Tufted Wool...

    Hand-Tufted Wool Hearth Rugs

    Internet Only!
  • Wool Hearth Rugs

    Wool Hearth Rugs

    Internet Only!
  • Guardian Hearth Rugs

    Guardian Hearth Rugs

    Internet Only!
  • Superior Universal...

    Superior Universal Rug Pad

  • Harrison Weave...

    Harrison Weave Washable Area Rugs

    See it in Action!
  • Wool Hearth Rug-4 ft...

    Wool Hearth Rug-4 ft Half-Round

    Internet Only!
  • Artifact Panel Area...

    Artifact Panel Area Rugs

    New! Internet Only!
  • Sarouk Low Profile...

    Sarouk Low Profile Rugs & Stair Treads

  • Merlot Vine Floor...

    Merlot Vine Floor Mats

  • Rowan Embossed...

    Rowan Embossed Washable Area Rugs

    See it in Action!
  • Suzanne Arabella...

    Suzanne Arabella Circle Rugs

    Internet Only!
  • Oriental Hearth Rug

    Oriental Hearth Rug

  • Border Floral Low...

    Border Floral Low Profile Rugs & Stair Treads

  • Haviland Comfort...

    Haviland Comfort Floor Mat

  • Siri Low-Profile...

    Siri Low-Profile Rugs & Stair Treads

  • Amalfi Circles Rugs

    Amalfi Circles Rugs

  • Kimberly Slip...

    Kimberly Slip-Resistant Rugs & Stair Treads

  • Dirt Stopper...

    Dirt Stopper Doormats

  • Zig Zag Border...

    Zig Zag Border Pastel Rugs

  • Soggy Doggy Doormats

    Soggy Doggy Doormats

  • Wild Country Hearth...

    Wild Country Hearth Rug-25" x 42"

    Internet Only!
  • Felted Stair Treads ...

    Felted Stair Treads & Carpet Tiles

  • Lab in Canoe Accent...

    Lab in Canoe Accent Rug

  • Dirt Stopper Supreme...

    Dirt Stopper Supreme Floor Mats

  • Wash, Dry Novelty...

    Wash, Dry Novelty Area Rugs

  • Kimberly Check Slip...

    Kimberly Check Slip-Resistant Rugs

  • Sevilla Hand Tufted...

    Sevilla Hand Tufted Rugs

  • Universal Rug Pad

    Universal Rug Pad

    Internet Only!
  • Kimberly Solid Slip...

    Kimberly Solid Slip-Resistant Rugs & Stair Treads

  • Regency Low-Profile...

    Regency Low-Profile Rugs & Stair Treads

  • Sunflower Burst Area...

    Sunflower Burst Area Rug

    Internet Only!
  • Tour of Italy Quick...

    Tour of Italy Quick Dry Kitchen Mat

  • Doily Lace Rug

    Doily Lace Rug

  • Jute Jacquard Anti...

    Jute Jacquard Anti-Slip Rug Collection

  • Diamond Sisal Rugs

    Diamond Sisal Rugs

  • Rainbow Stripe Area...

    Rainbow Stripe Area Rugs

    New! Internet Only!
  • Serene Border Rugs

    Serene Border Rugs

  • Canyon Stripe...

    Canyon Stripe Scatter Rug

  • Eco Hug Rug

    Eco Hug Rug

  • Beach Stripe Cotton...

    Beach Stripe Cotton Rugs

  • Cecily Floral Rug

    Cecily Floral Rug

  • Diamond Key Washable...

    Diamond Key Washable Area Rugs

    See it in Action!
  • Rooster Rise & Shine...

    Rooster Rise & Shine Quick Dry Kitchen Mat

  • Barcelona Tiles...

    Barcelona Tiles Quick Dry Kitchen Mat

  • Darby Low-Profile...

    Darby Low-Profile Rugs & Stair Treads

  • Geneva Tufted Cotton...

    Geneva Tufted Cotton Rugs & Stair Treads

  • Oasis Cotton Rugs &...

    Oasis Cotton Rugs & Stair Treads

  • Non-Slip Rug Pads

    Non-Slip Rug Pads

  • Neutral Stencil...

    Neutral Stencil Quick Dry Kitchen Mat

  • Sahara Cloud Chevron...

    Sahara Cloud Chevron Floor Mats

  • Chelsea Persian Area...

    Chelsea Persian Area Rugs

    New! Internet Only!
  • Linear Ocelot Area...

    Linear Ocelot Area Rugs

    Internet Only!
  • Ibiza Tile Rugs

    Ibiza Tile Rugs

    Internet Only!
  • Hudson Bay Area Rug

    Hudson Bay Area Rug

  • Revival I Area Rugs

    Revival I Area Rugs

    Internet Only!
  • Revival II Area Rugs

    Revival II Area Rugs

    Internet Only!
  • Persian Color Area...

    Persian Color Area Rugs

    New! Internet Only!
  • Francesca Area Rugs

    Francesca Area Rugs

    New! Internet Only!
  • Fruit Season Quick...

    Fruit Season Quick Dry Kitchen Mat

  • Bonita Area Rugs

    Bonita Area Rugs

    Internet Only!
  • Chandelier Area Rugs

    Chandelier Area Rugs

    Internet Only!
  • Kirkwell Oriental...

    Kirkwell Oriental Area Rugs

    Internet Only!
  • Carthage Area Rugs

    Carthage Area Rugs

    Internet Only!
  • Leinster Area Rugs

    Leinster Area Rugs

    Internet Only!
  • Laredo Area Rugs

    Laredo Area Rugs

    Internet Only!
  • Aden Area Rugs

    Aden Area Rugs

    Internet Only!
  • Multi Medallion Area...

    Multi Medallion Area Rugs

    Internet Only!
  • Billings Area Rugs

    Billings Area Rugs

    Internet Only!
  • Big Horn Area Rugs

    Big Horn Area Rugs

    Internet Only!
  • Neutral Tiger Stripe...

    Neutral Tiger Stripe Area Rugs

    Internet Only!
  • Silver Adare Area...

    Silver Adare Area Rugs

    Internet Only!
  • Voltaire Area Rugs

    Voltaire Area Rugs

    Internet Only!
  • Oriental Harmony...

    Oriental Harmony Rugs

    Internet Only!
  • Arizona Tile Rugs

    Arizona Tile Rugs

    Internet Only!
  • Oriental Mist Rugs

    Oriental Mist Rugs

    Internet Only!
  • Oriental Field Rugs

    Oriental Field Rugs

    Internet Only!
  • Arizona Medallion...

    Arizona Medallion Rugs

    Internet Only!
  • Paisley Sea Rugs

    Paisley Sea Rugs

    Internet Only!
  • Virginia Wool Berber...

    Virginia Wool Berber Rug

    Internet Only!
  • Licorice Leaves Area...

    Licorice Leaves Area Rugs

  • Classic Solid Bamboo...

    Classic Solid Bamboo Area Rugs

    Internet Only!
  • Classic Accent...

    Classic Accent Stripe Bamboo Area Rugs

    Internet Only!
  • Matchstick Bamboo...

    Matchstick Bamboo Area Rugs

    Internet Only!
  • Classic Mahogany...

    Classic Mahogany Stripe Bamboo Area Rugs

    Internet Only!
  • Arabella Circle Star...

    Arabella Circle Star Rugs

    Internet Only!
  • Samara Arabella Rugs

    Samara Arabella Rugs

    Internet Only!
  • Suzanne Arabella...

    Suzanne Arabella Floral Rugs

    Internet Only!
  • Sahara Plain Weave...

    Sahara Plain Weave Rugs

    Internet Only!
  • Samara Casablanca...

    Samara Casablanca Rugs

    Internet Only!
  • Kentucky Medallion...

    Kentucky Medallion Rugs

    Internet Only!
  • Silver Damask Rugs

    Silver Damask Rugs

    Internet Only!
  • Antique Scroll Rugs

    Antique Scroll Rugs

    Internet Only!
  • Ibiza Star Rugs

    Ibiza Star Rugs

    Internet Only!
  • Suzanne Arabella...

    Suzanne Arabella Rugs

    Internet Only!
  • Dune Wool Rugs

    Dune Wool Rugs

    Internet Only!
  • Round Sunflower...

    Round Sunflower Burst Rug

    Internet Only!
  • Here's To You Rug

    Here's To You Rug

    Internet Only!
  • Jacobean Wool Rugs

    Jacobean Wool Rugs

    Available in Ivory and Black
  • Ancient Bloom Rugs

    Ancient Bloom Rugs

  • Ombre Stripe Area...

    Ombre Stripe Area Rug

    Internet Only!
  • Regency Oriental...

    Regency Oriental Area Rug

    Internet Only!
  • Arcadia Oriental...

    Arcadia Oriental Area Rug

    Internet Only!
  • Agra Oriental Area...

    Agra Oriental Area Rug

    Internet Only!
  • Oushak Oriental Area...

    Oushak Oriental Area Rug

    Internet Only!
  • Sarai Oriental Area...

    Sarai Oriental Area Rug

    Internet Only!
  • Anya Oriental Area...

    Anya Oriental Area Rug

    Internet Only!
  • Jenna Oriental Area...

    Jenna Oriental Area Rug

    Internet Only!
  • Patterned Hand...

    Patterned Hand-Tufted Wool Hearth Rug

    Internet Only!
  • Border Tile Low...

    Border Tile Low Profile Rugs & Stair Treads

  • Dirt Stopper Striped...

    Dirt Stopper Striped Mats

    Internet Only!
  • Mesh Roll

    Mesh Roll

Area Rugs

An area rug improves the look of a room instantly. Highlight an accent wall or a favorite piece of art by choosing an area rug that includes similar colors; it will make your featured item really pop. A contemporary area rug will quickly update your decor by adding modern style, while large area rugs pull together a whole room. To define a space within a larger room or a dining room, place an 8x10 area rug in the area you want to define. Or create a conversation area by placing a round rug in the center and grouping seating around it. Area rugs are a quick way to cover up stains, too, without needing to have a carpet removed or a wood floor refinished. And there are few feelings more welcoming than wiggling your toes in a wool area rug at the end of a long day.

Don't leave your stairs bare. Stair treads are an easy and stylish way to prevent slipping and damage to your wood stairs. Coordinate your stair treads with your entryway mat and area rugs to give a cohesive look to your home decor. Choose patterns that complement your entry's paint colors and furniture.

If you tend to spend long hours in the kitchen preparing dinner, a kitchen mat is a great investment. Kitchen comfort mats are available in several unique designs and help you stand comfortably for longer periods of time.

Finally, don't forget to use a rug pad. A non-slip rug pad keeps your rug stationary, prevent falls, and protect your floors. A variety of sizes let you add a rug pad to just about about any rug in your house.

No matter what type of area rug you’re looking for, we’ve got it here, and for less than you might think.

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