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Food Ideas for a Halloween Party
Once a month, the different departments at Improvements Catalog take turns hosting breakfast. Last October, the Creative Department (that’s my team!) decided to step up the game and go all out. We decorated the entire lunchroom, played Halloween movies, and created an awesome Halloween party! Feel free to use these creepy food ideas & get some free printable food place cards so your guests will know what they’re eating (at least they’ll think they do). (more…)

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Lighting Ideas For Halloween Decorations
Believe it or not, lighting can create so many feelings in all sorts of situations. You can make a Halloween scene scarier or a Halloween party more entertaining. To help you out, here are some lighting ideas on how to use black lights, strobe lights and spot lights that will make your Halloween decorations look that much better.

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Free Pumpkin Carving Patterns
Create frightfully unique Halloween jack-o’-lanterns with our spook-tacular and easy pumpkin carving patterns. Simply print your favorite pumpkin template, place it on your pumpkin, carve out the design, and drop a tea light candle in to show off your pumpkin design! Note: adult supervision recommended. (more…)

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Halloween Tree Decorations

Autumn trees in your front yard are the perfect location for some creepy Halloween tree decorations. Most of the leaves have fallen by the end of October and the bare trees look eerie. Spook them up a little more with one of these DIY Halloween tree decoration ideas. (more…)

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Halloween Window Decorations
After you’ve decided on what type of Halloween decor is going in your yard, you’ll want to dress up all of the windows in the front of the house to complete your ghoulish look! Here are some creative and creepy ideas for creating DIY Halloween window decorations. (more…)

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