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Creative Ideas on Where and How to Hang Christmas Lights

Easy to Follow Tips On How To Hang Christmas Lights

Hanging Christmas Lights Outdoors
Decorating the outside of your home is a fun way to show your Christmas spirit. I believe you can never have too many Christmas lights so here are some fun outdoor spots that can use a little illumination during the holidays: (more…)

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Bright vs Warm White Christmas Lights

The Differences & Similarities of LED Bright & Warm White Christmas Lights

When it comes to Christmas decorating, everyone knows that Christmas lights are a must, however, choosing what color and what types of Christmas lights can be challenging. You can string Christmas lights around the exterior of your home, through your trees, and along walkways and paths in your yard. (more…)

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Christmas Glossary of Terms

Definitions of Some of Our Most Commonly Used Christmas Terms & Phrases

PVC Christmas Trees:
When made from high-quality PVC, artificial Christmas Trees are durable enough to last 20 or more years. The PVC used to create artificial Christmas trees is chemically stable and does not adversely affect human health. PVC is perfectly safe plastic under normal conditions of use. (more…)

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Animal Theme Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Create an Animal-themed Winter Wonderland in Your Own Front Yard with these Christmas Yard Decorations

When creating an outdoor Winter Wonderland theme, the first thing you’ll do is buy white lights, lots and lots of white lights. To get ideas on how to set up your white lights before adding your Winter Wonderland characters, see our article The Ultimate White Out Christmas Decoration Theme. (more…)

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