Patriotic Garden Decor

Show Your True Colors with Some Unique Outdoor American Home Decor

Whether you’re getting ready to celebrate a patriotic holiday or you just feel like decorating with an American home decor theme (or you just really like red, white and blue!), then check out these patriotic outdoor decorations.

When transforming your yard into an American themed retreat, it’s easy to become overwhelmed in the beginning so you’ll want to start it off by just changing out your plants. Choose red, white and yes, even blue plants, but make sure the plants you select will grow in your zone (you can easily find a Plant Hardiness Zone map on the internet). If you have potted plants on your deck or in your yard, either switch them out into red pots or, for a more economical approach, spray paint them red. Add some green brush around your home and, if you have the room, even some trees. Tip: When planting trees, remember to take into account the size of the root system when the tree is fully grown.

Nothing says Americana like classic red Adirondack Chairs. Our Adirondack Chairs are made of resin lumber with a wood-grain design that will not crack, rot or mildew. There’s also a matching table, rocker and ottoman to complete the American theme. Adirondack Chairs make the perfect seating when you want to kick back at a bbq or just watch the kids play in the yard. You can even add some American Star Throw Pillows on your chairs to complete the look.

After setting up your outdoor furniture area, it’s time to add some color with your cushions. You can choose red outdoor cushions, our subtle nautical blue patio cushions or mix them up to create a unique patriotic garden decor explosion.

Change out your existing outdoor umbrella with a brightly-colored, easy-to-install red or blue Patio Umbrella. These patio umbrellas are a quick way to update your outdoor look.

Show off your American pride with American Flags that come in a variety of sizes and feature stars that are densely filled with high-gloss polished white thread to sparkle in the sunlight. Once you select the American flag you want, choose a rotating flag pole that helps prevent your flag from tangling up. If a storm is coming or if you just want to bring your American flag down for a bit, make sure you store it in a flag storage bag to keep it clean and dry.

If you plan on leaving up your American flag during the night, you need a Freedom Flagpole Light. This solar-powered flagpole light illuminates your American flag and ensures you adhere to time-honored flag etiquette for nighttime display. The Freedom Flagpole Light will automatically come on at dusk and remain lit for up to 12 hours.

If you want something quick and easy to put up that will show your American pride, an All American Flag Kit has all of the necessary components in one kit. The American Flag set includes a stainless steel flag pole with ball finial, 2-piece bracket and, of course, a 3′x5′ American Flag. It also makes a great gift if you’re going to a 4th of July Celebration or Memorial Day BBQ.

You should be able to easily find some American Flag bunting that you can hang from your eaves, along banisters or on the fence to add some old-world patriotic charm to your patriotic garden decor.

If you don’t want to leave your windows bare, hang a Lighted American Flag Decoration that measures 4-ft wide and is illuminated with 150 mini lights that create a stunning display of red & white stripes plus 30 randomly twinkling blue “stars”. You can use this piece of American home décor either inside or out.

To continue your light themed American home decor, attach a 3-swag American Flag banner of red, white and blue LED lights from a fence or from your eaves. The American Flag Banner lights make a great addition to any patriotic-themed outdoor party.

If you want more than just an American flag to show off your patriotic side, you can also hang a US Military Flag from your flagpole. Available in either garden or standard size, choose from a US Army FlagUS Navy FlagUS Air force FlagUS Marine Corp Flag, or a US Coast Guard Flag. The 9/11 Commemorative Flag features a silhouette of the New York skyline with the Twin Towers in the star field and the words “We Will Remember” in one of the stripes of the flag. You can also tie an impressive Lighted Yellow Ribbon & Bow around your tree to really show your support. The Yellow Ribbon hangs over 2-ft long and is lit up by 35 clear mini lights.

Setting up a Memorial Day BBQ or a 4th of July Celebration
You can use a lot of the tips in the BBQ Party Ideas article to plan your Memorial Day BBQ or 4th of July Celebration, but here are some specific patriotic decoration ideas that you can add to your patriotic outdoor decor.

Patriotic yard decorations are a must when planning your Memorial Day bbq or 4th of July celebration. You might choose to remove them after the holiday and leave all of your remaining patriotic holiday decor up year-around. Metal 4th of July yard decorations will add a little sparkle to your patriotic decor. The Waving American Flag Metal Yard Decoration can either be hung up on the side of a wall or deck or can be staked into the ground. Whichever way you choose to display the Metal American Flag, just make sure you up-light it with a spotlight for optimum shine. There’s also a fun Firecracker Metal Yard Display that has 3 fiber optic lights that simulate a lit firecracker.

After you’ve set up your food and beverage serving stations (as mentioned in the BBQ Party Ideas article), you can drape some red, white and blue ribbons and bows around the tables and mix in some Battery-Operated Star Lights. Use red, white and/or blue napkins, forks, plates and cups for serving.

Decorate your bushes with some red, white & blue star net lights. These 4th of July Net Lights use bright, LED lights, each capped by a 2 1/2″ star to make your bushes really dazzle at night. Wrap your trees with alternating Red & Clear Tree Lights to really light up your yard.

If you have any ideas on setting up some patriotic decorations or for decorating a 4th of July Celebration, add them in the comments section below.

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