Nativity Scene Christmas Decorations

Nativity Scene Decorations

Nativity sets are one of those Christmas decorations that can be passed down through the generations. There are several different types of Christmas nativity scenes, each with different characters and animals as well as different looks like old-world European nativity sets, contemporary nativity sets, etc. We’ve put together a few of our favorite nativity Christmas decorations to help you build a Christmas nativity scene that you and your family can love year after year.

Outdoor Nativity Scene Christmas Decorations
You can start off your nativity yard decorations by setting up a Christmas Nativity Scene that comes with everything you need to make your yard the most beautiful on the block. The Christmas Nativity Scene includes Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus in a stable with a beautiful gold star above. The nativity scene is enhanced with white mini LED lights that randomly twinkle for added sparkle.

After you’ve set up your white and gold nativity set, add a pair of elegant, 5-ft tall Animated Lighted Angels that have wings that slowly open. The Animated Angels are covered in glitter mesh to produce a soft sparkle during the day and are lit by clear mini lights to glow at night. The Animated Lighted Angels are glowing in their white gowns, gold wings and gold trumpets and they’re 3-d, which means they are enchanting from every angle. You’ll want to set these angels up on the opposite side of the yard from your nativity scene – after all, you don’t want to wake the baby in the manger! There’s also a matching 5-ft tall, bright white Christmas Angel that is releasing a dove.

Since you already have the stable depicted in your nativity scene above, the only thing missing now are some peaceful animals. Add some white Lighted Reindeer or gold mesh Lighted Reindeer and maybe even a family of moose.

If you’re not looking for an entire Christmas nativity scene and you only want one beautiful piece of Christmas yard art, then you might want to get the Kneeling Santa with Baby Jesus outdoor Christmas decoration that expresses the true focus of Christmas. A joyful Santa, with a small lamb by his side and his arms folded in front of him, kneels before the baby Jesus who is nestled in a leaf-covered manger. This charming outdoor Christmas decoration is lit by 70 clear mini lights, but you will want to set up a spotlight on it to make it the focal piece that it deserves to be.

If you already have a Christmas nativity scene that has been passed down to you from a family member, you can always add to it by placing some Outdoor Lighted Christmas Presents nearby. Everyone knows the story about the three wise men presenting the Baby with three gifts and now you can add the gifts to your nativity sets by strategically placing these Outdoor Lighted Christmas Presents around your yard. The outdoor Christmas presents are wrapped in a soft glittery tinsel fabric to look bright by day and are lit by 105 clear mini lights to really shine at night.

Add a colorful gold and red Lighted Peace Sign that is lit up by 100 mini lights and has 2 large red Christmas Cardinals sitting on top. Sit a few matching Lighted Christmas Cardinals around the sign and up-light it with a spotlight to make it really stand out.

Add some flare to your Christmas nativity scene by hanging an impressive, 2-ft high gold Lighted Star of Bethlehem from a branch or on a covered porch. You can also hang the Lighted Star of Bethlehem indoors if you want to bring your Christmas nativity scene inside the house.

Looking for a nativity Christmas decoration for the kids? With a typical Precious Moments look, the Precious Moments Nativity Christmas Decoration is a 32″-high metal sign that depicts the Holy Family with an Angel, kneeling at the manger. You’ll definitely want to up-light this outdoor Christmas decoration with a spotlight.

Indoor Nativity Scene Christmas Decorations
When you decide to bring your Christmas nativity scenes indoors, the first place to start is by getting some good Nativity artwork, which you can find at just about any artwork place online. To give your walls a unique look, you can find some nativity posters and greeting cards and frame them yourself. Go to your favorite craft store and you get some wooden nativity characters that you can paint and you can create your own one-of-a-kind nativity scene that can be displayed in your front window or on a table.

After you cover your tree in nativity character ornaments, make it glow by adding 3″ glass Christmas ornaments that will dazzle your guests and magnify the sparkle of your Christmas tree lights. Wrap your tree in Crystal Swag that is designed of linked faceted beads with teardrop-shaped ends that will reflect light out into your room.

Set a group of Lighted Christmas Presents under your tree or in the entry way to greet guests as they arrive. These Nativity Christmas decorations have 50 clear lights built into the packages and are “wrapped” in crystal-like beads, sequins and gold ribbon to give them a shimmery appearance.

Place a Holy Family Nativity Set on your table and surround it with Christmas Greenery. This nativity set includes a Joseph, who stands 16″-high, Mary and the baby Jesus and is dusted with iridescent flecks so it will sparkle as the light hits it.

I would suggest using gold decorations and white lights throughout your home and stay away from the “traditional” red and green decorations. If you find that you just don’t have time to decorate like you really want to, try a Pre-decorated Pull-up Christmas Tree that is covered in champagne and gold decorations.

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  1. Dolores Bennett says:

    We would like to order this nativity. Will you be getting anymore of the peace signs in?

    • Cyndee D'Agostini says:

      Hi Dolores,
      As of now, it does not look like we will be getting Peace signs in this year, however, if that changes, I’ll let you know. Thanks!

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