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Red with Envy
Every winter, Eric, our ridiculously-creative Art Director, left us freezing in the snowy tundra of Cleveland to go bask in the warm sun of Florida for a vacation “photo shoot.” We never really knew what went on down there, but he always came back with amazing photos of our outdoor furniture collections and patio cushions. But come on, who doesn’t know that all of those beautiful photos can be created by using some fancy software filters while Eric lounges on a hammock sipping a frosty beverage, complete with a little green umbrella?

But this year, Eric brought back proof that setting up each shot takes a lot of time and detailed work. So if you’ve ever wondered what goes on in the creative world of product photography, check out his behind-the-scenes video shot on location in Longboat Key, Florida. You’ll see there are lots of little tweaks that go on with each shot to make sure we get just the right image. I think next year I’ll see if Eric needs an assistant to hold his laptop – or better yet, lay in the chaise lounge on the beach (to make sure it doesn’t blow away, of course) and taste test the drink props.

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