Impress Your Guests with These Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas

Thanksgiving Decorations

Are you in charge of the Thanksgiving feast decorations? No worries. There are lots of things you can do, quickly and easily, that will give your party the perfect feel, and if you can get out of cooking the turkey, why not? From the table top centerpieces to the wall décor, the following ideas should get you started on the way to impress your guests.

Candle Centerpieces

What you need:

  • 5 or 6 pillar candles (any size)
  • Fall leaves (1 or 2 per candle)
  • Twine

Purchase enough pillar candles to line down the center of the table. If your tables are round, get 5 or 6 per table. They can be various widths and heights, or you can purchase candles of the same size. Collect fall leaves in multiple colors, one or two per candle. Place one or two leaves on the front of each candle and tie them on with twine. You can tie the twine in a knot, or you can use a simple bow, whichever you prefer. If you have long tables, line the candles down the center of the table, alternating them so that every other candle will face towards the two separate sides of the table. If your tables are round, place 5 or six candles in the center, creating a circle, with the leaves facing outward.

Pumpkin Vases

What you need

  • 5″ round x 24″ tall glass vases
  • A mixture of pumpkins and gourds to fit in the vases
  • 2″ fall-colored ribbon (optional)
  • Fall leaves

Purchase tall glass vases that are about 5″ around and 24″ tall. Purchase pumpkins and gourds that are small enough to fit inside the vases comfortably. Begin to stack the pumpkins and gourds inside the vases so that they create a color pattern (i.e. one white gourd, two orange pumpkins, one green gourd, one white gourd, etc.). You can either leave them that simple, or you can tie a 2″ fall-colored ribbon around each vase, creating a fun bow. Scatter some fall leaves (either real or silk) around the center of the table, and place each vase atop a pile of leaves.

Thankful Pine Cones

Thanksgiving Place Cards

What you need:

  • Small pine cone
  • Recycled brown paper bags
  • Twine

These cute Thanksgiving decorations are very simple and make a great little craft for you to do with your toddler. Simply trace a leaf pattern onto the brown paper bag and cut it out. Write “Give Thanks” (or whatever you want your Thanksgiving message to be) onto the leaf and tie it onto the pine cone using twine.

Thankfulness Frame

What you need

  • (1) black 11″ x 14″ frame
  • Tan butcher paper
  • Black fine-tip marker
  • White acrylic paint

Purchase a black 11″x14″ frame. Using a piece of tan butcher paper, cut it down to 11″x14″ and write down (in your most beautiful handwriting, of course) everything that you are thankful for, using a black fine-tip marker. This could include the names of people who will attend your Thanksgiving dinner, as well as concrete items, and perhaps even thoughts. Place it in the frame and secure the back. Before you hang it, either paint with white acrylic paint, or adhere white vinyl letters that say, “I am Thankful” to the front of the glass. Make the words large enough to cover the surface of the glass, but thin enough to still be able to read what you are thankful for behind the glass. Tie a festive Thanksgiving bow around the bottom of the frame.

Gobble Banner

Gobble Thanksgiving Banner

What you need

Using burlap, cut out six equilateral triangles with 9″ sides. Cut a piece of jute twine that is 6 feet long and mark the center with a pin. Lay the twine on the ground (or a long table) and lay three triangles on each side of the center point so that they are centered. Leaving a ½” between them, staple each triangle to the twine with a flat side against the twine and a point pointing downward. Put one staple in each top corner. Write the word “GOBBLE” on the banner with a black permanent market (or print out this 11×17 page Gobble template) so that each triangle contains one letter. When it is dry, you can hang it by tying the ends to pieces of furniture, or simply by tacking it into the wall.

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