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Electric Food Steamer

Planning your meals for the holiday can be a trying experience. This year, I’m going to be planning healthy meals for my family (and yes, they are going to just love it!) and steaming my vegetables is going to play a big part in getting my family on the right foot. I really like this Electric Food Steamer that allows me to steam different types of food at once in 3 different chambers.

Product Description:

Since steaming your food retains more vitamins and nutrients than boiling, adding this digital food steamer to your kitchen is a must. The Electric Food Steamer has a large 9-qt. capacity and, depending on how much food you want to cook, can be used with 1, 2 or 3 tiers. Each tier has a removable base so you can create a larger cooking space. It includes a rice bowl so you can make perfect rice.

The digital timer on the Electric Food Steamer allows you to program a start time, and a drip tray collects liquid for making gravies and sauces. The digital food steamer also has an automatic keep warm function and the removable bases each have 6 molded egg slots for poaching and hard boiling eggs.

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