Easy Easter Crafts


Easy Easter Crafts
Add a little Easter fun in your house with these Easter decorating ideas that are super easy to do. Learn how to make a Framed Easter Wall Hanging, a Shadow Box Egg Arrangement & how to set up a unique, Jelly Bean Candle decoration. You can get the kids involved with making these Easter crafts – I mean do you really want to blow the yolk out of an Egg? Eww.

Framed Photo Wall Hanging Easter Craft
If you’re looking for an Easter decoration that is the perfect size to hang on a wall that doesn’t have much room, this frame is an easy-to-make Easter craft that the whole family can tackle.


  • (1) white 5×7 photo frame with no mat. If you only have wood frames, you can always paint it white.
  • (1) piece of pastel patterned or spring themed 8×8 scrapbook paper.
  • (1) Easter postcard or an old 4×6 photo of a past Easter.
  • Double sided tape.
  • 14″ of spring ribbon that matches the scrapbook paper.
  • Staple gun.


  • Cut the scrapbook paper down to 5″x7″.
  • Center the photo on the paper and tape it down with double sided tape.
  • Remove the glass from the frame so it will not break.
  • Place the frame right side down and the same orientation (vertical or horizontal) as the photo.
  • Staple each end of the ribbon to the two top back corners of the frame.
  • Replace the glass and set the paper/photo inside. Replace the frame backing.

Shadow Box Egg Arrangement
Easy Easter Crafts - Easter Egg Shadowbox
This Easter craft makes an elegant arrangement that you can hang on your wall at Easter. For a larger arrangement, consider making multiples in different sized frames and with different amounts of eggs.


  • (4) raw eggs.
  • (1) square shadow box frame that is about 12″x12″ and deep enough to hold the eggs.
  • (1) sewing needle.
  • (1) bowl.
  • Egg dye.
  • Hot glue.
  • (1) piece of 12×12 spring scrapbook paper.
  • (1) 12×12 piece of cardboard.
  • Spray adhesive or a glue stick.


  • With the needle, poke one hole in each end of the eggs, each about 1/8″ in diameter. Poke the needle in and stir to break up the yolk. Holding the eggs over a bowl, blow from the top hole so that the egg white and yolk comes out of the other hole and lands in the bowl. (You can save the egg and cook it for dinner.) If you don’t want to blow it yourself, you can purchase an egg blowing kit.
  • Dye the eggs according to the instructions on the egg dye.
  • Glue the scrapbook paper to the cardboard piece using the spray adhesive or the glue stick.
  • When the eggs are dry, arrange them in a square pattern, centered on the paper. For example, center 2 eggs just above the center line and 2 eggs just below the center line, with about 1″ between each of the eggs.
  • Glue the eggs down with hot glue.
  • Put the arrangement into the shadow box and replace the frame backing.

Jelly Bean Candles
Easy Easter Crafts - Jelly Beans
Rather than eating all the jelly beans you bought, decorate with them! They create a very fun and festive centerpiece for any table. Experiment with different heights and diameters of pedestals and candles.


  • (1) candle pedestal about 6″ in diameter.
  • (1) glass hurricane that is just under 6″ and will fit on the candle pedestal.
  • (1) 3″ diameter candle that is shorter than the glass hurricane.
  • Lots of different colored jelly beans


  • Center the candle on the pedestal.
  • Put the glass hurricane on the pedestal.
  • Put a single color of jelly beans between the glass and the candle, about 1″ high.
  • Add another color of jelly beans, another 1″ high. Continue the process until you have enough layers to reach about 2″ below the top of the candle.
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