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Benefits of Teak Furniture

Find Out Why Teak is a Favorite Among Furniture Makers

Teak is one of the strongest and most durable of all woods, which is why it is a favorite with furniture makers. Unlike most other woods, teak is so durable that it requires little or no care to maintain. When you first purchase your teak furniture, it will most likely be a golden-yellow color, which will usually last for the first season. Over time, the golden yellow will begin to mellow into a beautiful grayish tone, yet your furniture will remain hard and durable. (more…)

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9 Jan '13

What is Coir?

What is Coir

Coir Door Mats: An Eco-Friendly Solution

What is coir fabric? A resilient, hard fiber found between the husk and outer shell of a coconut, coir is found in a wide range of products. From mulch blankets, fish nets, and rope to brushes, basket liners, brooms and door mats, manufacturers are experimenting with the wide array of benefits this natural fibers offers. (more…)

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