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Halloween Crafts for Kids

Whether you’re entertaining your child’s elementary class or simply looking for an easy Halloween craft for your kids to make at home, here are some simple ideas that will keep Halloween fun for the little ones: Learn how to make Mummy Cups, Ghostly Paper Plates & some Lollipop friends. (more…)

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Halloween Tree Decorations

Autumn trees in your front yard are the perfect location for some creepy Halloween tree decorations. Most of the leaves have fallen by the end of October and the bare trees look eerie. Spook them up a little more with one of these DIY Halloween tree decoration ideas. (more…)

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Halloween Table Decorations

If you’re struggling to come up with some creative Halloween table decorations, we’ve put together some creative centerpiece ideas and fun place card crafts that are sure to “wow” your dinner guests. There’s even some free printable crafts to get you started. (more…)

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Halloween Food Ideas
These Halloween recipes are quick & easy, but definitely ghoul-tastic! If you’re looking for some Halloween food ideas for your Halloween party we’ve put together some tasty treats that are fun and easy to make like eyeball cupcakes, ghosts in the graveyard, goblin brownie bars and Halloweenies.

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Halloween Window Decorations
After you’ve decided on what type of Halloween decor is going in your yard, you’ll want to dress up all of the windows in the front of the house to complete your ghoulish look! Here are some creative and creepy ideas for creating DIY Halloween window decorations. (more…)

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28 Jul '13

Pumpkin Recipes

Pumpkin Recipes
Are you on the hunt for some easy Pumpkin recipes? Learn how to make pumpkin soup, pumpkin ice cream and even pumpkin enchiladas. You can use these pumpkin recipes for Halloween parties, Thanksgiving dinner or if you just want to make something special in the Fall when pumpkins are easier to find. (more…)

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Spring Cleaning Carpet Cleaning
Spring cleaning typically involves cleaning and organizing everything in your home; from the ceiling down to the very last inch of flooring. Whether you’ve got wood, tile, carpet, or vinyl, there are some easy floor treatments that will help you get your floor in tip-top condition. After your floors have been cleaned, it would be a good time to remove any area rugs or floor mats and either have them cleaned or replace them. (more…)

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Bedroom Cleaning Checklist
Spring cleaning your bedroom will be one of the most rewarding cleaning tasks you do. For some people, the bedroom is more of a sanctuary where they can go to escape the rest of the goings-on in the home, but for others, it’s a place where clothes are thrown around in a hurry, shoes are kicked under the bed and drawers become a holding station for just about anything that winds up in the room. Here’s a bedroom cleaning checklist to help you transform your room from an un-organized mess, to a clean, organized retreat. (more…)

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Storing Winter Clothes

When winter is gone and your spring cleaning is fully underway, you’ll eventually find yourself in your closet… pondering what to do. We’ll tackle organizing a closet in a second, but first I wanted to give you a few tips on storing your winter clothes. (more…)

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Organizing a Closet

There’s just nothing like an organized closet – whether it’s a large, walk-in closet or a small, linear closet, when it’s organized, it makes getting ready in the morning so much easier. When you finally decide to organize your closet, you can bet you’ll find items in there that you didn’t know you had so be prepared to do a little reminiscing as you pull stuff out. There are a few ways to organize your closet and the method you choose may be determined by the size of your closet as well as how much stuff you have to put in it. I’ve found that arranging my clothes by color, then by type works best. (more…)

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