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Backyard Ideas Video - Turn your Ordinary Backyard into an Outdoor Oasis
No matter how small or plain your backyard, you can turn it into the perfect spot to kick back and relax. All it takes is a few backyard ideas like the ones shown in our video. Check it out! (more…)

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Video Create a Garden Workspace
If you love to garden, you probably wish you had a dedicated area where you could repot and prune plants, clean garden tools, and keep your gardening gear handy. We’ll show you how, in just a few steps, you can turn a side yard or empty area into a garden workspace. (more…)

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Video Front Porch Ideas
First impressions count when welcoming guests to your home, and the front porch is where to make it happen. Our short video will show you a few easy ways to transform that bare space into an outdoor room that you and your friends can enjoy all season long. (more…)

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How to Crate Train Your Dog
Learning how to crate train your dog could be one of the best things you do for your dog, yourself, and your house. Even though each dog has his own unique personality, the crate training process will typically be the same for each dog – you may need to make some changes for your dog’s specific situation. Here are some easy-to-follow steps on how to crate train your dog. (more…)

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How to Choose a Dog Crate
After you’ve decided you’re going to crate train your dog, you’re ready to select the dog crate that you’re going to use. Whether you’re using your dog crate inside or outside the house, here are some tips on how to select the right one for you and your pet. (more…)

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How to Choose a Dog Gate
With so many dog gates on the market, it can be tricky to decide which one is right for you – like which gate to use for large pets, which gate works best in an apartment or which gate to choose when you have both a large and small pet living in the house, etc. Here are some tips to help you choose the right pet gate. (more…)

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How to Select the Right Topiary
With many styles, shapes and sizes of topiaries, choosing which one you want can be a little overwhelming. But, never fear! If you follow these easy steps, you’ll be able to select the right topiary to beautifully accessorize your living space. And, once you’ve chosen your beautiful addition, check out our tips on how to clean and store it. (more…)

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What can I compost
Now that you know why you should compost, you’re going to need to know which materials to use. Since not all leftovers can be used, we’ve put together a handy list to show you which items can and cannot be used for composting. (more…)

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18 Mar '14

How To Compost

How to Create Garden Compost
Now that you know which items to compost, you’re ready to learn the steps involved in making compost. To achieve the real benefits of composting depends on how much organic waste you have, how fast you want the results and how much effort you are willing to put into making garden compost. Some people prefer to make their garden compost container from scratch; however, if you do not have the time or simply want an easier solution to make compost, think about purchasing a ready-to-go compost container. (more…)

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18 Mar '14

Composting 101

Why should I compost
Why Compost?
When waste is not composted, it will end up in a landfill or incinerator, neither of which is environmentally-friendly or economical. Due to a lack of oxygen, landfill waste breaks down slowly and releases methane gas and acidic leachate, both of which are bad for the environment. (more…)

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