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Backyard Ideas – Coral Outdoor Living Room
Create your own outdoor living room with this Deep Seat Outdoor Furniture in a beautiful, dark espresso stain. Mix and match solid colors and coral print outdoor cushions and pillows to create your own custom look. You can accessorize with a variety of outdoor decor items to fit your design aesthetic – add a couple of lanterns that work as a decorative touch during the day and a functional lighting element at night. A coral print outdoor rug grounds the “living room” to complete the comfortable look. (more…)

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Backyard Ideas – Log Cabin Comfort Adirondack Furniture
If you’re a woodsy outdoors type of person, then you will love sitting outside in this Wooden Log Adirondack Furniture Set. Whether you have a cozy cabin, a beautiful lake house or you just like the look of the great outdoors in your own backyard, you will love the rustic feel of this outdoor furniture set. With a natural wood finish, they’ll match just about any rustic setting. Add some fun outdoor pillows and an outdoor rug for pops of color. (more…)

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Ideas on How to Organize Your Pantry

You may not be a world-famous chef, but you still want a kitchen that’s efficient and organized. Here’s some food for thought: you don’t have to spend big bucks on a complete kitchen renovation to get additional storage space. As shown in our video, a few simple additions and updates to your pantry and cabinets can make your kitchen a much-more functional (and less stressful) space. (more…)

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Backyard Ideas Before and After

Whether you’re having a bunch of people over for a BBQ or just want to update a boring backyard space, we’ve put together a short video with some fun backyard ideas on how to transform your space. (more…)

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Entryway Ideas Before and After
When people decide to update their home, they don’t usually focus on the entryway…but they should. The entryway most likely sets the tone for the rest of the house and if it’s cluttered, it probably not a far stretch for your guests to think that the rest of your home is unorganized as well. Make a good first impression and gain some much-needed entryway storage with these 4 easy-to-add entryway updates. (more…)

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Patriotic Outdoor Decor
Whether you’re getting ready to celebrate a patriotic holiday or you just feel like decorating with an American home decor theme (or you just really like red, white and blue!), then check out these patriotic outdoor decorations. (more…)

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Nautical Outdoor Furniture Collections
Adding nautical-inspired outdoor cushions, pillows and rugs as well as some natural elements in your outdoor decor will transform your boring backyard into a nautical paradise. If you love the nautical theme, but you’re not sure how to achieve it, we’ve put together some inspiring pieces that should help you navigate your way. (more…)

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How to Protect Your Door from Dogs

A dog will alert you when he wants to go outside and, as you probably know, that will happen several times per day…all day long (and usually at the most inconvenient times). Some dogs will simply bark to alert you, while others will scratch on the door until you let them out. Whether your dog is a barker or a scratcher, chances are pretty good that your door has the distinctive markings of a dog living in the house. Replacing a door can be expensive and touching up paint can become tiring – here are 3 simple and inexpensive solutions that will help you protect your door from the wear and tear of your 4-legged friend. (more…)

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How to Clean Area Rugs
Purchasing an area rug can be a costly investment so chances are you won’t want to replace it very often. However, a tattered or stained rug can make your whole home look dingy and uninviting. From weekly vacuuming maintenance on basic area rugs to deep cleaning antique rugs, here are some tips on how to keep your rugs in tip top shape and keep your home feeling inviting and warm. (more…)

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Video Patio Privacy Before and After
Your backyard or deck is a great place to hang out, but sometimes your neighbors can be just a little too close for comfort. As our video shows, you can turn a boring deck or patio into a private hideaway with just a few easy additions. (more…)

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