• How to Hang a Wreath or Stocking on Brick

    Yes You Can! How To Hang Stockings & Wreaths On A Brick Wall

    Whether you’ve got a bare brick wall outdoors that would be perfect for a Christmas wreath, or if you want to hang stockings on a brick wall above the fireplace indoors, there are a variety of ways to do it.

  • diychristmas

    DIY Window Christmas Decorations

    Fun Ideas to Decorate Your Windows For Christmas Ornaments Ornaments are not just for Christmas trees – use them for a stylish and one-of-a-kind window Christmas decoration. If you have some fun or fancy ornaments left over after you decorate

  • christmaslights

    Creative Ideas on Where and How to Hang Christmas Lights

    Easy to Follow Tips On How To Hang Christmas Lights Hanging Christmas Lights Outdoors Decorating the outside of your home is a fun way to show your Christmas spirit. I believe you can never have too many Christmas lights so

  • christmastreedecor

    Tips For Decorating a Christmas Tree

    Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas For Any Budget There are a variety of different ways that you can decorate your Christmas tree. Whether you want your kids to help, or if you are decorating a non-kid-friendly tree, the following are some

  • christmasornaments

    How To Display Christmas Ornaments

    Decorating with Ornaments Doesn’t End With The Christmas Tree If you have already decorated your Christmas tree and have some ornaments left over, or if you aren’t planning on having a tree this year, there are still some fun ways

  • lightschristmas

    How To Control Christmas Lights

    Now You Don’t Have to Crawl Under the Tree to Control Your Christmas Tree Lights With everything that seems to go on around Christmas, it is easy to forget to turn the Christmas lights on or off. Whether you have

  • houseguest

    7 Simple Rules to Being a Great House Guest

    House Guests Etiquette Being invited to someone else’ house for Christmas is a treat for many people. If that opportunity arises for you, make sure you follow proper house guests etiquette, which includes the following steps:

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    Christmas Decorating Games

    Creating Christmas Decorating Games That Will Become Traditions Christmas decorating can get a little overwhelming sometimes. There are a lot of areas of your home that you probably want to decorate; the dining room, living room, family room, hallways, entry

  • christmascookies

    Easy Christmas Cookie Decorating Ideas

    Simple Steps to Turn an Average Sugar Cookie Into a Delicious Dessert Baking is a fun tradition that many families share around Christmas. You might make Christmas cookies for the neighbors, for your family, or simply for yourself. If you

  • christmasstorage

    Christmas Decoration Storage Tips

    Pack Up With Ease with Holiday Decoration & Christmas Tree Storage Ideas Taking down the Christmas decorations is such a hassle and to be honest, it’s not that fun. If you’re like me, you’ve accumulated even more decorations through the