• Summer Guest Bedroom Decorating Ideas

    Bedroom Decorating Ideas: Summer Guest Bedroom Cheat Sheet

    If you’ve ever traveled to visit family and friends, you probably have stayed in a few guest bedrooms. Some of them may have hit the mark and made you feel welcomed. Others, well, they may have made you wished that

  • Tab top v Grommet Curtains

    How to Choose the Right Curtains for Your Home

    When choosing between blackout and insulated curtains versus room darkening and light blocking curtains, there are many factors to consider before making your purchase. Here are some ideas on when you should choose blackout and insulated versus when it would

  • Tab Top vs. Grommet Curtains

    Grommet Curtains vs Tab Top Curtains: Which is Right for Your Window?

    Although both tab top and grommet curtains are long panels, the tops that attach to the curtain rods are different. Understanding the difference will help you to know which curtain panels to purchase. Let’s explore these two choices!

  • How to Make Your Best Bed

    Looking for clever bedroom decorating ideas? Start with your centerpiece: the bed. It is the focal point of the room and where you spend a good portion of your time resting and rejuvenating. Here are 6 tips for creating a

  • Selecting the Best Rug Size for Your Space

    Deciding which rug to use in a room can be pretty overwhelming. Once you start looking, you’ll find that there are several sizes, styles and colors to choose. We’ve put together this handy rug size guide to show you some

  • Guest Room Furniture

    Guest Room Furniture

    Your to-do list is already crammed for the holiday season, and preparing for holiday guests usually turns into about 23 additional to-dos that have to get done quickly. So to make this season easier on you, we’ve compiled a list