• Halloween Decor-How to Make a Halloween Graveyard

    Halloween Decor: How to Make a Halloween Graveyard

    If you love decorating for Halloween, you probably look forward to finding new Halloween decorations to incorporate with old favorites. After all, the holiday only comes once a year. In other words: you should enjoy it as much as you

  • Halloween Craft-DIY Hanging Ghost

    Halloween Craft: DIY Hanging Ghost

    If you love to do a diy Halloween crafts each year, check out our DIY hanging ghost. It’s super easy, and you can have your kids help, as long as you supervise them. Make as many of these ghosts as

  • 4th of July Decorations-DIY Mason Jar

    DIY Mason Jar 4th of July Decorations

    Are you looking for easy DIY 4th of July decorations? These patriotic mason jar lights will only take you a few minutes to make; you can even get the kids involved. They’re a great way to show your pride on

  • 4th of July Decorations-DIY Patriotic Wreath

    Craft Project: DIY Patriotic Wreath

    Here’s a quick and easy DIY 4th of July decoration. This patriotic wreath is the ultimate in Americana decor because it combines Old Glory with the tried-and-true bandana – the symbol of cowboys everywhere.

  • 4th of July Decorations and Americana Decor

    Show Your Patriotism with 4th of July Decorations and Americana Décor

    The 4th of July is one of America’s favorite holidays. From the cookouts to the fireworks, people all over the nation gather together to celebrate. If you’re planning a holiday party, you may want to enhance your outdoor living area

  • Christmas Decorating Ideas – Mantel Decor

    The mantel is a central focus at Christmastime, which is certainly fitting, because it’s center-stage for the appearance of Santa himself! Stockings are hung below it and fires are lit inside it, making the mantel the ideal place for Christmas

  • halloween party ideas for kids

    Unique Halloween Party Ideas for Kids

    Unlike an adult Halloween party, hosting a Halloween party for kids calls for less-scary Halloween decorations like happy pumpkins, playful-looking bats, and spiders, streamers and banners – all in bright and exciting Halloween colors. Here are some clever and unique

  • halloween party ideas for adults

    Unique Decorating Ideas for an Adult Halloween Party

    Are you looking for unique Halloween party ideas? We’ll show you some creative decorative ideas using DIY Halloween decorations, some spooky Halloween home decor and give you some creative food ideas for your adult Halloween party. Feel free to use

  • DIY Halloween Decorations – Free Halloween Printables

    Need some quick DIY Halloween decorations for your Halloween party? We created these fun and free Halloween printables to help you put together a low cost (but high quality) Halloween party. With some minor cutting and gluing you can create

  • DIY Halloween Decoration - Brains in a Jar

    DIY Halloween Decorations–Licorice Brains in a Jar

    Elevate your Halloween party display with this gruesome, yet yummy, DIY Halloween decoration that resembles brains in a jar. And the best (possibly grossest) part? They are edible! This DIY Halloween decoration can be displayed in your kitchen, on your