Animal Themed Winter Wonderland Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Animal Themed Winter Wonderland

When creating an outdoor Winter Wonderland theme, the first thing you’ll do is buy white lights, lots and lots of white lights. To get ideas on how to set up your white lights before adding your Winter Wonderland characters, see our article The Ultimate White Out Christmas Decoration Theme.

Now it’s time to add some real characters to your outdoor Christmas display…
If you have trees or a group of bushes in your yard, place the Lighted Reindeer Family all together in front of them so they’ll look natural in their surroundings – well, as natural as reindeer covered in crystal-like beads and randomly twinkling white lights can look. This beautiful Lighted Reindeer Family includes a buck that stands almost 4-ft high, a sitting doe and a fawn.

Add some whimsy to your Christmas yard decorations with a Lighted Outdoor Snowman that stands an impressive 4′ tall, has a glistening snow look, grapevine arms, button eyes and mouth and that looks so realistic, you’ll expect him to melt away. Does the snowman look a little lonely by all by himself? Place some Lighted Christmas Cardinals around his feet to give him some company. These Christmas birds can also hang from a branch or perch on your deck and each set has cute little removable matching scarfs.

Looking like they just came down from the North Pole, a group of cuddly-looking outdoor polar bears will add some depth to your Winter Wonderland display. The polar bear family has crystal beading on the soft, but weather-resistant tinsel fabric that gives them icy sparkle day and night. The polar bears are lit up by bright, white mini lights and each are outfitted with a Santa cap and removable glitter fabric scarf.

Now we know how the presents arrived! Next to the outdoor polar bears, place a Lighted Christmas Sleigh with Huskies that measures over 6-ft long and shows 2 strong huskies wearing Christmas collars in front of a bright red sleigh filled with Christmas presents. The Lighted Christmas Sleigh with Huskies dazzles at night, thanks to 300 clear mini-lights and looks colorful even during the day, thanks to the vibrant, soft tinsel fabric covering…although the driver of the sleigh is nowhere to be found.

Nothing says “happy” like a waving Penguin! Place a set of Penguin Outdoor Christmas Decorations in your yard to add a little charming holiday cheer. The 32″-high, lighted papa Penguin sports a bright red scarf and his tinsel-fabric design gives him a sparkle look. The baby Penguin has on a red bow tie and stands 17″ high. Both penguins are wearing Santa hats and have their arms stretched out as if waiting for a big, bear hug.

Look who’s wandering around your yard! A set of lighted, 32″-high Canadian Christmas Geese all decked out in their Santa hats and ornament necklaces. These Christmas geese have gold bodies covered in a soft, shimmery material ā€“ set them up in front of the bushes or around a tree to fill in your outdoor Christmas display.

If you prefer the gold look for your Winter Wonderland, but still want to incorporate Reindeer, the Gold Mesh Lighted Reindeer set will be the perfect choice. The Gold Mesh Lighted Reindeer set includes a sturdy buck that stands 4-ft tall and a doe that has her head lowered to the grown like she’s digging through the snow, looking for a treat. Each reindeer is covered in glitter gold mesh and has 70 white LED mini bulbs.

You can add a little brute to your Winter Wonderland Christmas theme by displaying an entire Moose Family that is covered in brown, fur-like acrylic strands, bright white lights and trimmed with grapevine wreaths around their necks. The Moose Christmas decorations will give a natural, wood-like feel to your Winter Wonderland.

Whatever type of animal-theme Winter Wonderland you choose, whether it be whimsical or regal, just make sure it is brightly lit and has plenty of wintery animals.

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16 comments on “Animal Themed Winter Wonderland Outdoor Christmas Decorations
  1. deborah mcknight says:

    Got the moose family last year. Love it. Looking for other winter animals for outside at the holidays

  2. James Koenig says:

    I would love more information on the moose family and the polar bears and can’t seem to find a link that “takes me there.”

    • Improvements Editor says:

      Hi James, The Christmas Moose will not be available in our 2014 holiday assortment. However, the polar bears (plus 2 new styles) will be available again in October.

  3. Frank says:

    Looking for the Moose Family, cant fing it.

  4. Sharon says:

    Please could you let me know how much the lighted christmas sleigh and huskies are please??

  5. DennisMarshall says:

    Ow! this is so beautiful the polar bear are so cute!

  6. kerstin says:

    Will you have the polar bears available this winter? If so, when will they be available? Do you have a price range?

  7. Mary says:

    Will you have the set of 3 Polar Bears AND the Mother and Baby Polar Bears both available this winter? Thanks so much!

  8. Catherine Romero says:

    Hello will you guys be having the 3 Polar Bear Outdoor Christmas Decoration for sale this year? I am interested in buying that set, and if you guys are going to sale this year is there anyway I can be notified when they are on sale ?!

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