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How to Measure Your Home Radiator for a Radiator Cover
If you have an exposed radiator in your home, chances are it’s an eye sore. To determine which home radiator cover is right for you, you’re going to need to measure the length, height and depth of your radiator. It’s a good idea to measure 2 or 3 times to make sure your measurements are accurate. When you’re done measuring your radiator, you’re going to add at least 1″ to each of your measurements for clearance. (more…)

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Food Ideas for a Halloween Party
Once a month, the different departments at Improvements Catalog take turns hosting breakfast. Last October, the Creative Department (that’s my team!) decided to step up the game and go all out. We decorated the entire lunchroom, played Halloween movies, and created an awesome Halloween party! Feel free to use these creepy food ideas & get some free printable food place cards so your guests will know what they’re eating (at least they’ll think they do). (more…)

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