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Yay! Our dog raincoat made PawNation’s list of Best Spring Dog Toys.
Dog Raincoat (more…)

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How to Fix a Sagging Couch

I like my sofa but I don’t think my sofa likes me. In the past few months I’ve noticed that my sofa was not as welcoming as it used to be. The problem? Sagging couch cushions. I’d plop down to watch TV or read a book and feel myself sinking downward. No amount of shifting or squirming around seemed to help. The sofa still looked pretty good so I didn’t want to replace it – especially since new sofas cost a small fortune. (more…)

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Panoramic Easter Egg
I was sitting in the break room one day talking with some of the ladies in the office about our upcoming Easter blog posts. Since our ages vary and our backgrounds are so diverse, it was interesting to see how different our Easter traditions are. I decided to break away from our “normal” blog post and share with you some of these Easter ideas to hopefully inspire you to create some new Easter traditions of your own. If you have an Easter tradition or story that you would like to share, please post them in the comments below. I’d love to hear them! (more…)

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Easter Basket Ideas for Kids and Adults
In case the Easter bunny needs a little help deciding what to put in the baskets, we’ve put together a list of some creative Easter basket ideas for kids and adults. We’ve rounded up some clever ideas for what to use as a basket, some unique basket fillers & even some non-traditional items to fill the Easter basket. There are even some themed Easter basket ideas for adults & kids – you can just tweak them based on who is receiving the basket. (more…)

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Coloring Easter Eggs
With Easter right around the corner, you may want to start thinking about some fun ideas for coloring Easter eggs. Of course, you could always buy the Easter egg dye at the store, but if you want to change it up a bit this year, check out these creative Easter egg ideas. (more…)

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Ideas for Easter
Whether you’re in charge of Easter games for your kid’s school class, or if you simply want to be the coolest mom on the block, check out these ideas for Easter. There’s a lot more than just a regular Easter egg hunt – try Pin the Tail on the Bunny, an Egg & Spoon Race or even an Egg Roll. (more…)

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Easter Bread
It’s going to take a little time, but this Italian Easter Bread recipe is worth every minute. Or, if you don’t have a lot of time and you want to try something a little different, try the Raisin Easter Bread recipe. (more…)

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Easy Easter Crafts
Add a little Easter fun in your house with these Easter decorating ideas that are super easy to do. Learn how to make a Framed Easter Wall Hanging, a Shadow Box Egg Arrangement & how to set up a unique, Jelly Bean Candle decoration. You can get the kids involved with making these Easter crafts – I mean do you really want to blow the yolk out of an Egg? Eww. (more…)

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