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Magnetic Ironing Blanket - Real Simple Magazine

Pressed for time?

If you’re looking for quick tips on simplifying your life and saving time (and who isn’t), you’ll find a lot of great info in Real Simple Magazine. Check out what they had to say about our Magnetic Ironing Blanket. Then head to to find this Magnetic Ironing Blanket and other clever timesaving ideas.

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Electric Food Steamer

Planning your meals for the holiday can be a trying experience. This year, I’m going to be planning healthy meals for my family (and yes, they are going to just love it!) and steaming my vegetables is going to play a big part in getting my family on the right foot. I really like this Electric Food Steamer that allows me to steam different types of food at once in 3 different chambers. (more…)

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The floating water hammocks are the most amazing water floats around. My family and I take a lot of trips to the Colorado River in Arizona and let me tell you in the summer, it gets hot, hot, hot (I’m talking 120 degrees hot)!

We’ve tried everything you can imagine to try and cool down, but the “river heat” is like sticking your head in an oven – it’s that hot! We lay on rafts in the water, kiddie pools on the shore, float down stream in our life vests and even sit on the shore in a sun chair. So, I thought, “What the heck”, I’ll try out a floating water hammock. (more…)

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Puppy Potty Training Ollie

My springer spaniel Ollie is now 10 years old and he’s still as rambunctious as ever. When Ollie was a puppy I lived in an apartment and worked long hours at my job (not the ideal situation when getting a puppy, I know). I took Ollie on long walks every morning and every evening to try and wear him out and so he could take care of his business. (more…)

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15 Oct '12

Deck Privacy Ideas

Deck Privacy Ideas

Make Your Deck a More Comfortable & Private Space with Deck Privacy Screens

If you have a nice deck, chances are you’ve pretty much converted it into a second living area – a place where you and your family and friends can gather and have a good time. In the warm months, you’ve probably also found a great deck space is a nice place to go if you want to be alone and lounge around. Sometimes you may feel like you’re on display when you’re on your deck so we’ve put together a few deck privacy ideas to help you feel more comfortable and, if necessary, even block your neighbor’s prying eyes. (more…)

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 Deck Lighting Ideas

Light Up the Night with These Deck Lighting Solutions

When you are coming up with deck lighting ideas, you may want to think outside the box. Today there are many deck lighting solutions that are not only functional, but are also environmentally friendly, interesting, and even fun. (more…)

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How To Hang a Porch Swing

7 Easy Steps to Help You Select & Hang a Porch Swing

Adding a porch swing to your home adds charm, comfort, and style. Porch swings come in a variety of different styles, from wood porch swings to wicker porch swings, so you should be able to find one that will match your home decor as well as give you a comfortable place to sit and relax. Once you decide on which porch swing you like, it’s time to get it installed so you can enjoy it! We’ve put together 7 easy steps to help guide you in your swing selection as well as show you how to hang your porch swing. (more…)

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15 Oct '12

How to BBQ

How to BBQ

Helpful Grilling Hints for the 1st Time BBQ’er

Your family has arrived, the drinks are chilled, and the games are started. Now it’s time to start preparing the food. Not sure how to BBQ? No problem! We’ve put together a few helpful hints for the first-time bbq’er. (more…)

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How to Grow Tomatoes

A Beginners Guide to Growing, Harvesting & Canning Tomatoes

One of the great benefits of having your own garden is having fresh, homegrown fruits and vegetables to enjoy whenever you want. Growing techniques will differ depending on what food you’re growing as well as where you live. We’ve put together a few general tips on how to grow tomatoes, harvest tomatoes and even how to can tomatoes. (more…)

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Outdoor Fountain

Simple Steps to Keeping Your Garden Fountain Looking & Functioning at its Best

A beautiful outdoor fountain can make a great focal piece for any garden or patio. Through proper care and good cleaning, your garden fountain can run smoothly through the test of time. There are several types of outdoor fountains to choose from depending on your personal taste, the size of your patio or garden area and how much time and maintenance you are willing to invest. (more…)

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