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  • measuredrapes

    How to Measure for Drapes

    Follow These Simple Steps to Hang Your Window Treatments the Quick & Easy Way Through their admittance of light and decoration, windows can create an entire mood and add a sense of unity to the interior decorating theme of your

  • fireprevention

    Fire Prevention Tips

    6 Home Fire Safety Tips That Could Help Save Your Life Fires can strike anyone at any time. According to the National Fire Prevention Association, in 2009, it is estimated that U.S. fire departments responded to 1.3 million fires. These

  • summersafetytips

    5 Summer Safety Tips for Kids

    Implement These Summer Safety Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe All Summer Long It’s a big job but someone’s got to do it. Keeping the kids safe, that is. Every summer there are thousands of children who sustain injuries that

  • plants

    How to Grow Indoor Plants from Seeds

    With a Little Patience & Some TLC You CAN Grown Indoor Plants from Seeds People might tell you that it’s impossible to successfully grow indoor plants from seeds, but actually it’s absolutely possible. Not only is it possible, but people

  • grasscare

    Green Lawn Care

    Create a Thick, Healthy Lawn Using Natural and Organic Materials Creating a healthy, beautiful yard will not only go a long way in improving your home’s curb appeal, but will also help out the environment. A thick, healthy, green lawn

  • flowerbed

    How to Design a Flower Bed

    An Easy-to-Use Checklist for the Perfect Flower Bed Design A flower bed is a beautiful addition to any yard. Whether it’s along the front of the house or way out in back, it will add color and dimension to your

  • lawngardendecor

    Lawn & Garden Decor

    Easy Tips on How to Create Your Ideal Landscape Design Using Decorative Garden Items Creating a beautiful lawn involves more than just throwing down some grass and adding a few decorative garden items. Before you begin adding garden decor to

  • containergardening

    Container Gardening

    Have a Small Space? Grow a Garden with These Container Garden Ideas! If you are limited by space, location or back/knee pain, then you’re probably looking for some creative container garden ideas. Consider growing vegetables and flowers in containers on

  • cristmasterms

    Christmas Glossary of Terms

    Definitions of Some of Our Most Commonly Used Christmas Terms & Phrases PVC Christmas Trees: When made from high-quality PVC, artificial Christmas Trees are durable enough to last 20 or more years. The PVC used to create artificial Christmas trees

  • nativitychristmasdedor

    Nativity Scene Christmas Decorations

    Add Joy to the Entire Neighborhood with These Peaceful Christmas Nativity Scenes Nativity sets are one of those Christmas decorations that can be passed down through the generations. There are several different types of Christmas nativity scenes, each with different